Nameless Catering Serves Like A Lion


Nameless Catering recently provided the Like a Lion program with a free dinner! Like a Lion is an after-school program that provides at-risk youth structured time to work on homework with assistance from staff members and other helpers. Volunteers act as tutors and help with homework along with leading math and reading activities. The program also […]

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Onsite Grilling With Nameless Catering


Looking to have a party or event? Make it even better with on-site grilling! Nameless Catering Live is great for groups of 100 to 5,000 guests. We show up in our custom built 16-foot Nameless Catering trailer, our pop-up tents, tables, and chairs. Firing up the grill and cooking onsite is a piece of cake […]

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Nameless Catering Feeds Ohana House


Nameless Catering recently partnered with Ohana House by providing a free catered lunch! The Ohana House is a Certified Women’s Recovery Home in Lebanon whose mission is to reduce and prevent substance abuse. This 9-bed facility is certified by the Indiana affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences with the goal of providing a safe and […]

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A Nameless Community, Literally


Nameless Catering is not the only nameless place in America! Nameless, Tennessee is a small unincorporated community which means it not governed by its own local municipal. Similar to Nameless Catering, this town in Tennessee has gained attention thanks to their quirky name. The post office was established in the small community in 1866 and operated […]

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Large or Small, Nameless Has Your Next Event Covered


Hosting an upcoming event or party? Nameless Catering makes the food a breeze so you can feel like a guest. Nameless Catering has the capacity to take professional events to a higher level with their easy set-up, reliable customer service, and delicious menu. A 600 person event is no problem for Nameless! With fresh ingredients, […]

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Let Nameless Shake Up Your Wake Up


Shake up your wake up with Nameless Catering’s breakfast meal. Everyone knows breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Studies show eating a meal within two hours of waking up restores glucose levels while improving memory, concentration, mood, and stress levels. Breakfast is an excellent time of day for an important occasion. […]

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Nameless Catering Announces A New Concession Trailer


Looking to cater to a huge crowd? Nameless Catering has made getting food to your next event even easier with their new 16-foot concession trailer. Need to feed 600 people? Not a problem for Nameless! While we have always delivered, this latest amenity makes bringing food to any event even sweeter. Hosting a delicious build your […]

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Nameless Catering Feeds 1,200 Hoosiers in One Day


Nameless Catering is committed to providing tasteful food options that help promote healthy living. As one of the most successful catering companies in Indiana, Nameless understands our responsibility to serve the community. We offer a menu full of fresh, delicious options and work hard to maintain our good name through unmatched customer service and quality. After all, […]

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Nameless Caters IMMI’s Annual Make-A-Wish Kickball Tournament


Nameless Catering recently served up their best game in Westfield, Indiana. Nameless partnered with IMMI at their annual Make-A-Wish Kickball Tournament in August and brought their MVP (most valuable plate) options. Catered burgers were grilled on the spot for 600 attendees with toppings ready for everyone to create customized meals. This popular burger bar also […]

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Nameless Helps Professionals Network


Let’s face it, many business deals are not made at the office. Often times they are made over lunch, at a bar, or on the golf course. Knowing the right people and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships are key components to a successful business. But how do you get in front of other professionals? The answer […]

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