Wraps Make Any Event Easier


Put a fresh spin on your next meeting, gathering, party, or event with fun wraps! Nameless Caterings fresh wraps, full meal package includes an assortment of options ready to satisfy any guest at any occasion. Nameless makes planning and hosting simple! Wanting to add some extra zip to a gathering? Nameless Catering’s mouthwatering buffalo chicken […]

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Nameless Catering Wins WeddingWire Couples Choice Award


Nameless Catering is honored to be a winner of the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards for catering! This award is presented to honorees who represent the top five percent of wedding professionals nationwide for their excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism within the wedding industry. Award winners are recognized for their exemplary work and outstanding […]

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Need Vegetarian-Friendly Dishes?


In an ideal situation, a host is well acquainted with their guests. But sometimes it is impossible to know everyone’s food requirements especially in a professional setting or a large reception. When planning an event, party, and/or gathering a host should keep possible food preferences in mind and offer options to make everyone feel comfortable. […]

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Appealing Dinner Party Appetizers


Appetizers do more than keep guests happy until dinner is served. These starters set the tone for the evening by creating a first impression for the event. Whether you are planning the first course for a sit-down meal or a few bites before a buffet, Nameless Catering helps hosts choose the necessary amounts and the […]

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A Burger Bar Bash is Always a Blast


Need a fun, crowd-pleasing meal? How about a burger bar? Nameless Catering helps keep it summer year-round with our classic burgers. Give your guests some extra fun by letting them customize their own burger. Every burger bar from Nameless Catering comes with traditional, ground beef patties as well as marinated chicken breasts. Black bean burgers […]

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Smoky BBQ Always Wins


Everyone loves a good BBQ! While the guest list is important, the food helps create a fun and memorable atmosphere. Nameless Catering can take your next get together to another level with our full Smoky BBQ meal bar that is sure to impress every guest. We give you options to customize and perfect your vision. […]

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Nameless Catering, An Official Purdue University Caterer


Nameless Catering is now an official caterer for Purdue University! Purdue University boasts one of the largest collegiate conference programs in the nation. This means Nameless Catering is now able to bring our exceptional menu to on-campus events and locations – like the Beck Agricultural Center. Hosting a seminar or educational event? This 50,000-square-foot multi-purpose […]

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Feeding Frenzy? We’ve Got You Covered


What if you need a ton of food for 100+ people at the last minute? Feeding such a large group is a challenge that Nameless Catering will accept with gusto. When planning a get-together, especially for a larger crowd, organization, and planning to help make it a success. To make the right decisions and order […]

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Why Appetizers Are AMAZING


Planning an event and need some food for the crowd to chew on? How about lighter options for a gathering instead of a full meal? Arrange for appetizers! Nameless Catering’s new appetizer menu is quickly gaining popularity with numerous options and delicious combinations. Pick the first course from a variety of choices or have an […]

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Nameless Catering, an Indiana Food Evolution


Selling pizza from a yogurt shop was a side-gig Jeremy Brown started that was open only a few hours on the weekend. In just three years, he evolved his small side hustle into one of the biggest catering companies in Indiana. “I couldn’t think of a name,” Brown jokingly admitted. “I suggested Nameless and my […]

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