Nameless Catering, An Official Purdue University Caterer


Nameless Catering is now an official caterer for Purdue University! Purdue University boasts one of the largest collegiate conference programs in the nation. This means Nameless Catering is now able to bring our exceptional menu to on-campus events and locations – like the Beck Agricultural Center. Hosting a seminar or educational event? This 50,000-square-foot multi-purpose […]

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Feeding Frenzy? We’ve Got You Covered


What if you need a ton of food for 100+ people at the last minute? Feeding such a large group is a challenge that Nameless Catering will accept with gusto. When planning a get-together, especially for a larger crowd, organization, and planning to help make it a success. To make the right decisions and order […]

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Why Appetizers Are AMAZING


Planning an event and need some food for the crowd to chew on? How about lighter options for a gathering instead of a full meal? Arrange for appetizers! Nameless Catering’s new appetizer menu is quickly gaining popularity with numerous options and delicious combinations. Pick the first course from a variety of choices or have an […]

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Nameless Catering, an Indiana Food Evolution


Selling pizza from a yogurt shop was a side-gig Jeremy Brown started that was open only a few hours on the weekend. In just three years, he evolved his small side hustle into one of the biggest catering companies in Indiana. “I couldn’t think of a name,” Brown jokingly admitted. “I suggested Nameless and my […]

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Check Out Our Catered Meal Bars


Hosting an event and want to make it an instant hit? Hire Nameless Catering to take your shindig to the next level with our meal bar menu options that are sure to please any crowd. Here are some fun options to make your next get-together exceptional: Smoky BBQ Choose from three different types of meat […]

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Nameless Makes Every Milestone Memorable


A milestone is a moment no one wants to miss. Once in a lifetime celebrations should be spent visiting with loved ones, taking pictures, and soaking in every second – not fretting about food. A caterer can help take the worry off your plate. If you do not have to fuss about food, you can […]

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Make Your Next Event A Piece Of Cake, Hire A Caterer


Planning a get-together and want to make life easier? Call Nameless Catering! Putting food together for a family let alone numerous people can be stressful and exhausting: making sure you have all the ingredients and cooking supplies; preparing the food and making sure it turns out okay, and the dreaded cleanup. The day of the […]

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How to Cater to Your Wedding Guests


When it comes to weddings, the stomach and heart aren’t too far apart. One of the biggest wedding day investments is the food.  Food anchors a great event and sitting down to a meal with all your favorite people in the world is a remarkably special moment. But deciding what to feed your guests can be overwhelming […]

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Recipe for Success: Exceptional Customer Service, Tech


“What do you want to eat?” The common question can trouble businesses, professionals, and individuals looking for an easy, affordable, and reliable way to feed groups large or small. Nameless is disrupting the stodgy catering industry with a recipe for success: serving our clients by embracing technology, risking failure for new ideas, and working with customers […]

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Tasting Tips and Tricks For Choosing Your Wedding Menu


You’ve done your homework and are trying out a few potential wedding caterers before hiring “the one” for the big day. But now that you’ve checked out all of the websites, reviews, and quotes, you need to do an actual taste test before you make your final decision. From appetizers and salads to the main […]

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