Nameless Catering is in search of partners across the state of Indiana!

Drivers make money by choosing when they deliver, where they deliver and get paid weekly! If you want to make some cash and have fun check us out!

  • Most drivers take 1 to 2 orders per day.
  • The minimum amount you will make is $30 for less than 1 hour of work.
  • The maximum is not capped. Some drivers have made as much as $160 for 3 hours of work.

The job is simple:

  • Step 1: Accept what delivery you would like to take.
  • Step 2: Show up at the time indicated for the delivery you chose to one of our locations. We have locations in Downtown Indianapolis, Shelbyville, Thorntown, Pendleton, and Wabash.
  • Step 3: Load the delivery into your car and drive to the destination.
  • Step 4: Setup the order. Most setups take 10 minutes or less.
  • Step 5: Go home!

As a delivery driver, the following are things you need:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Clean driving record (no DUI’s, reckless or careless driving)
  • Reliable car with updated auto insurance (pay your own gas)
  • Reliable smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • Have a general sense of direction
  • Previous delivery experience, NOT a requirement

This is simply supplementary income. Most drivers make $300-$450 per week.

You choose when you work…the more you work the more you get paid.

This is a great fit for school bus drivers, students, retirees, stay at home moms, people that have evening jobs. Or anyone else who wants to make some extra cash for work during the days that does not take up much time.

Most runs leave between 10am-11am. The end time is dependent on where you go.

Pay is based on mileage. You get paid $1.15 per mile on the way to any of the deliveries based off what says.

There is a $19 minimum, so even if you travel 5 miles you still get paid $19.

Payroll is weekly on Fridays through direct deposit.


Delivery Driver Application

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