We are all living in a weird world right now, but that does not mean you can’t have a great meal!
Our 16 foot vending trailer is setup perfectly for social distancing mobile food service for your neighborhood or group.
The process is simple…
  • Call or text us to find an available date.  Lunch, Dinner, and Weekends are available.  317-344-8449
  • Provide a parking spot or section of street for us to park on.
  • We create a custom ordering site for your neighborhood or group.  Folks can order and pay for their meals directly on the website, this process eliminates the passing back and forth of cash/cards.
  • People who have ordered drive up, give us their order number, we package their meal and hand it off!

Before I found Nameless, I was so tired of feeling taken advantage of because we used the word “wedding” that I was just going to provide the refreshments. I am so thankful that we found your company, you really added to the event and helped us make it something that people will remember. […]

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Amy Martin

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