If you are like most pharmaceutical reps who have started using Nameless Catering you have been frustrated in the past with…

  • Confusing bills and totals that don’t match up
  • Late deliveries or having to pick up food in your suit and carry everything into the office
  • Ordering process is time consuming and they always get it wrong

Kick all that to the curb. You can call/text Jeremy anytime 24/7 at 317-344-8449

Here is how it works…

  • Step #1 – When?
  • Step #2 – Where?
  • Step #3 – What menu choice and how many people

You’re done in 30 seconds or less

Nameless will deliver a full meal with drinks, salads, desserts, entrees and something for any vegetarians or gluten free folks. Seriously. It is that easy. 30 seconds or less and you’re done. If you are not using Nameless Catering for your luncheons you’re doing it wrong…

Call/text Jeremy 317-344-8449

Pricing from $10-$13 per person with everything including drinks, desserts, sides, salads, and flatware.

What others are saying about Jeremy and Nameless Catering at www.welcometocatering.com


Before I found Nameless, I was so tired of feeling taken advantage of because we used the word “wedding” that I was just going to provide the refreshments. I am so thankful that we found your company, you really added to the event and helped us make it something that people will remember. […]

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