Our Story:

So the first question we are always asked
“Why Nameless…why not have a name?”

Well, it has always been a simple answer “We couldn’t think of anything good, so we figured having no name is better than a bad one”.

As the years have gone by however, that answer is changing. We are realizing that we are Nameless because this company is more than a person or one name.

This company is a mix of people from dozens of back rounds, experiences, and life stories. We have fire breathers, football coaches, dog moms, grandmas, and even a New Yorker ?

This team is silly but at the same time serious about catering. Occasionally laugh attacks occur, and one of us is a #LoudLaugher, but we know catering and we are damn good at it.

We have thought about changing the name and taking on an official personality as a company, but….nah. We are the personality.

And for those reasons, we shall remain……



Founder & CEO

Jeremy started at McDonalds on his 14th birthday like so many restaurateurs have. As he grew in the industry and led major national brands to catering success, it was never enough. In 2013 he jumped ship and entered the Indianapolis catering market as the newest entrepreneur who is constantly looking for a better way to do things. Not without stumbles and mistakes...but working when others rest, being "on" non-stop, and focusing on customer and employee satisfaction have all been the recipe to get Nameless to the point it is at today. There is always more though. Stay tuned. 🙂



Starting a business with your significant other has elements of fun and crazy all tied into one. Jessica consistently brings an essence of creativity and calm to a small business growing quickly. She rides horses as they fly over jumps and is never afraid of hard work.


Vice President

Neely helps make the show go on! She walks our clients through catering the most important events each year. Her extremely detail oriented personality and always-on-call mentality make her an awesome part of the Nameless team. She loves college sports and hates the fact that Jeremy has never seen any movies that she references. Lastly, if you have honey samples, you are on her A list.


Culinary Team

Born in the state of Oaxaca Mexico, in the small town of El Porvenir, Jessie came to America at a young age and has since prospered. She is the queen of charcuterie and has the highest of expectations for her team.


Senior Wedding Director

Our wedding business continues growing by leaps and bounds, we needed to add some next level service for our clients. Enter: Nicci. Nicci manages the wedding side of the company and loves seeing the smiles on the faces of happy couples.


Event Specialist

Noelle comes to Nameless with a long history in catering with companies in both Indiana and Kentucky. Bartender extraordinaire, avid horse back rider, and lover of all animals. When not working with our events team you will likely see her exploring nature.


Operations Manager

The life of the party and the smile that will light the room. Trevon focuses on exceeding our clients expectations every single day. A graduate of Franklin College and former football player, you can catch him coaching when not working with Nameless!


Jr. Event Specialist

The youngest event specialist at Nameless Catering might be short, but her mission at every event is to be a helper to our team. She loves to horseback ride and she has one speed with everything she does. Fast.


Special Events Coordinator

BSU grad in hospitality #ChirpChirp and customer service guru, Payton joins us after excelling in her hospitality career in Indianapolis. She is our designated social butterfly and a cat lover, which makes her a perfect fit for this growing team of catering professionals.


Wedding Specialist

Alissa will go the distance to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Her attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction makes her an excellent addition to our wedding team. Alissa has lost her mind, owning 4 dogs and 2 cats. She self-soothes by trying to find all the amazing food around the Indianapolis area she has yet to experience.


Event Specialist

Shandi brings a diverse back round of events and bar management to Nameless Catering. You will see her at events throughout Indiana and Kentucky. P.S. she is a axe throwing instructor in her spare time, so stay on her good side 😉


Event Specialist

Athlete, profesional smiler, and will chat your ear off. But, he will also make sure your event is perfect! Will at your event means things will. be amazing.


Administrative Support

With 30+ years of corporate leadership and project management for some of the largest companies in the world, when your important event is happening…you’ll want Jennifer on your team. She lives and breathes by time lines and spread sheets which helps our clients feel informed and secure that their event will be flawless.


Louisville Manager

Alisha joined Nameless Catering near the beginning, she has operated our kitchens throughout Indiana and has assisted in serving over 1 million people with our catering! Alisha handles kitchen operations in Louisville our newest location and is a friend to everyone.


Content Manager

Fashionista, cat lover, and a videography wizard. Preslee stays on point with everything hip and cool in the world. She helps make Nameless Catering look great with eye popping video and photography, and she can 100% dance better than you.


General Manager

Hunter is the Rocky Balboa of catering. Sliding in with a cool grin and impressions of the rest of the staff that will make you chuckle. Hunter keeps the pasta cooking and has a vision of organization beyond the wildest dreams of most people.