Pop the champagne, you’re changing your last name!

After the #ringselfie has been posted and the entire internet knows about your upcoming nuptials, it’s time to get down to business. You and your honey start to price out the big day and *gulp* as things start to add up.

Close friends and family offer to help which is totally awesome. (No one wants to make a seating chart or lick invites by themselves!)

But then Aunt May kindly offers to feed your entire wedding…what do you do?

Self-catering a wedding may seem like a godsend, but here are three big reasons why it should never cross your mind.

Cost & Time
Self-catering doesn’t always equate to a lesser price. Feeding all of your closest friends and family requires equipment, dishes, utensils, a space to cook in that’s up to code, food, understanding food preparation standards, cleaning everything, and a lot of time. Once you’ve rented or bought everything you need to make even a simple meal, you’ve probably blown through the majority of your food budget, not including the drinks.

Organization & Help
If Aunt May can’t quite remember your birthday let alone your wedding date, why trust her to remember every little detail down to potential food allergies at table nine? We get it – the offer is BEYOND appreciated, but why would you want a friend or family member to stress when they should be enjoying the day with you? Leave the organizing, managing, and the little details to the professionals who have a whole team to take care of it for you.

Professionals are…Professionals
You wouldn’t trust a friend who took a few anatomy classes to give you stitches…so why would you hire anyone BUT a professional to help you on the most important day of your life?

Your guests will only remember how happy the couple was, if the reception was fun and if the food was good. Don’t leave it up to amateurs. Nameless Catering can help you.

Our focus is to always provide the best food for any event. Our wedding day menus have been thoughtfully crafted by our expert catering team who are passionate about making your wedding reception unforgettable!

Have questions? Give us a call or shoot us a text at 317-344-8449 and we’ll be happy to help.