We all know that when weather strikes, things can get out of hand.

All it takes is a bit of snow, a thunderstorm, or a few hours of strong winds for electricity to get shut off, leaving everyone who relies on it to prepare food — or at least keep it fresh — literally in the dark.

That’s why Nameless Catering decided to get back up generators just in case things go awry. After all, there’s no reason you should be left without your food just because nature decided to play a trick on us all!

Backup Generators: A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Early in January 2020, we got back up generators installed in our kitchens so that the food making process is never interrupted. This was a decision made with you in mind because come rain or come shine, our staff is always working around the clock to make you and your guests happy.

Unfortunately, not all companies think like Nameless Catering. As a matter of fact, most commercial facilities across the country are poorly prepared for the worst.

We often see this on the news, but many other stories go untold, simply because smaller businesses don’t get as much attention in the media.

In the early 2000s, the Northeast suffered a blackout that left half of New York City’s hospitals in the dark, as their backup power generators failed. Most small businesses in the city were literally caught off guard, forcing many to shut their doors over their lack of power. In the end, residents and visitors were left to deal with the backlash on their own.

Here in Indiana, we all have experienced some kind of weather-related adversity.

While we’re lucky enough we aren’t forced to deal with disasters on a regular basis, we do suffer due to the occasional tornadoes, winter storms, and even floods.

At Nameless Catering, we have been in the business of preparing food for our clients’ events regardless of the weather, and know that a slight change in plans brought about external forces can take its toll.

In order to give our customers peace of mind, we decided to look into how we could continue to work, regardless of the circumstances. Reliable backup power generators will not only help us to keep food preparation plans going but will also make sure the food we have already prepared won’t go bad.

The fact of the matter is: power outages are becoming more common. If companies like Nameless Catering aren’t willing to go the extra mile to make sure this reality isn’t getting in the way, they might soon lose their credibility.

Next time you book Nameless Catering for your event, remember: the weather can come and can go, we will be ready.