A rigorously-dedicated staff, an innovative menu, and a forward-focused leadership team has been the recipe for Nameless Catering’s immense success and growth throughout 2017.


The midway point of yet another year is rapidly approaching and at Nameless Catering in Central Indiana, the significance of 2017 carries much emotion and celebration. Nameless Catering is proud to announce that we’ve recently confirmed and serviced our 35,000th event catering order in Indianapolis since opening our doors in 2013.


Although we’re proud of our hard-earned accomplishments and our current standing as one of the top providers for quality event catering in Central Indiana; anyone who’s ever aimed to accomplish a feat can tell you that you’ll never obtain a clear vision of where you’re going without reflecting on where you’ve been.


What began as a little pizzeria with a stone oven amid the hustle and bustle of Fountain Square, our stint as Nameless Pizza was fun, experimental, and incredibly eye-opening. As Evan Barnard (Co-Owner) would say, “We were trying to figure out who we want to be when we grow up.”


Nameless Pizza quickly transitioned into Nameless Catering, LLC and today we provide quality event catering in Central Indiana, all of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Metropolitan region, Greater Indianapolis, and surrounding communities.


It’s been a long winding road to our current success. A road plagued with obstacles, seemingly unsurpassable barriers, stressful nights, and weary mornings. But not once have we even considered throwing in the towel, sprouting a white flag, or whatever analogy justifies quitting and accepting a peaceful corporate position with a decent wage and guaranteed benefits (not that there’s absolutely anything wrong with considering that option) In fact, for some, having that option is an ideal position to be in.


So why haven’t we quit you ask? Simple, we love what we do and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else with our lives.


We love being the face of quality event catering in Central Indiana. We love the fresh batch of challenges we are faced with at every sunrise. And we love that we can make our customers happy with every serving.