Why You Should Cater Your Next Corporate Event


Somehow, you ended up on the party planning committee and have to work with your colleagues to put together the perfect event.

Sound like a nightmare straight out of NBC’s “The Office?” That’s probably because it is. No one wants to deal with the office divas about little details – the most important part of any company event is that 1) everyone is fed delicious food and 2) everyone (except for Toby) has a good time.

So why not have your next corporate event catered? Here’s why you should hire a caterer:

Boosts Morale
Nothing shows people that you care more than when you feed them fresh, quality food. Not only does breaking bread as a team boost overall morale, but it gives your employees something to look forward to and something to talk about.

Less Stress
Hiring a corporate caterer takes the hassle out of planning an elaborate trip to a secondary location like a restaurant across town. Sure, it may be nice to leave the office, but that cuts into the workday. Having a meal brought to your location is just easier. Plus it saves gas money and takes the guesswork of who’s carpooling with who – and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Going Above and Beyond
Have a potential client visiting your office? What better way to make them feel welcome than with a meal that’s brought right to them? It’ll leave a lasting – and thoughtful – impression.

And finally, who doesn’t love a free lunch?!

Hiring a corporate caterer is a no-brainer. Nameless Catering can help make your next corporate event hassle free. We can assist you in picking the right meal, drinks, and desserts so that you can make a decision and get back to your workday. We’ll make everything even easier by offering delivery too!

Give us a call at 317-344-8449 or fill out a quick quote and we’ll be happy to help.

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