“What do you want to eat?”

The common question can trouble businesses, professionals, and individuals looking for an easy, affordable, and reliable way to feed groups large or small.

Nameless is disrupting the stodgy catering industry with a recipe for success: serving our clients by embracing technology, risking failure for new ideas, and working with customers in a down-to-earth fashion.

Nameless CEO Jeremy Brown has a casual, yet professional rapport with his clients.

His laser-focused customer service helps Nameless respond quickly to orders across different social media platforms – all while still taking orders over the phone and text messages. He’s known for personally responding to clients to say thanks for the order. It’s not uncommon for Jeremy to take same-morning text requests and, on occasion, reply with some awesome memes to confirm.

Nameless Catering embraces a variety of software applications like Slack, BaseCamp, and Waze. Jeremy also has also used local tech companies like Tinderbox Inc. for sales-contract creation needs, and Formstack Inc.’s platform to create online forms.

Nameless Catering has grown to become the biggest corporate caterer in Indiana in just three years – our marketing strategy is working.

Now we finally have an answer for what we want to eat – Nameless Catering’s exceptional recipes paired with their brilliant customer service.

Have questions? Ready to get a quote? Give us a call or shoot us a text at 317-344-8449 and we’ll be happy to help.