At Nameless Catering, we take pride in the food we make.

From the beginning, we knew that focusing on making quality food and pairing it with the friendliest and customer-centered service possible would get people to trust us. But what we never expected was that our clientele would grow to such an extent that all of our tasting events would sell out — fast!

We regularly publicize these gatherings on social media, hoping that more people will share the posts and that our events will reach a larger audience. But recently, one of our regular tasting events sold out a bit faster than we expected!

In order to — quite literally — cater to those who had yet to know what we do, we organized another one the following week. Call us crazy if you must, but if there are people knocking, we will be there to answer their call. And answer we did!

As we continue to feed thousands of happy event-goers, and hundreds of organizers who have worked with us make it very clear they want to work with us again, we do nothing but our duty to ensure everyone gets to try our food options. After all, we’re in this business to make people happy.

At our tasting events, which are all free, we offer attendees samples of our many menu options. We also try to test out different and new flavors when studying the possibility of adding them to our menu. Whatever happens, guests will always have something made with love and only the best ingredients to savor.

Because our tasting events are free, we encourage anyone who wants to come to check us out to RSVP in advance.

If you would like to stay on top of our tasting events so you won’t miss any, follow us on EventBrite or like us on Facebook. Most importantly, SHOW UP HUNGRY when you come to see us. We promise we won’t disappoint.