We all know that your wedding is one of the most important and significant days of your life, don’t let these easily avoidable emergencies make it a bust!

Have a first aid kit handy

Injuries happen and even the smallest cut can mean a bleeding finger.  Paper cuts don’t need stitches, but a small cut can result in a stain on clothing or other items.  Note sure what to pack in your kit?  Check out some ideas from Wedding Ideas Magazine.

Hire the right size company

Supporting local business is something we can all get behind, and as a small business we support the mission!  However, make sure when utilizing a small business that they have contingencies in place.  If you are using a caterer with one person managing everything…what happens if they get sick or worse yet have an accident.  If you hire a photographer do they have backup people that could fill in if the main photographer has an emergency?  While of course in a perfect world everyone stays safe but emergencies and accidents happen.

Make sure all your vendors have the same timeline

Sending out a firm agenda of your big day to all vendors is a great way to make sure everyone arrives on time and is setup.  This can be as simple as a word document emailed to all vendors, but keeping everyone in the loop is critical for a successful event.

Do your research and look at reviews

It’s 2017 and looking at wedding reviews online is a must.  However do yourself a favor and look at more than just wedding review sites.  Sites like yelp, trip advisor, and Facebook can help uncover even more experiences with your vendors or venues.  Make sure your venues are reliable, reputable, and not going bankrupt before your big day!

At Nameless Catering we have serviced thousands of events and weddings over the last 3 years.  We have multiple commercial kitchens throughout the state and a team of 80+ Hoosiers to make sure your day is perfect.  We have planned for all the possible issues and can handle most anything thrown our way.  Couples have trusted us for their big day because they have seen our reviews, came to one of our monthly tasting events, and had a one on one discussion with the owner or wedding and event coordinator.  For more info about catering for your big day call or text 317-344-8449