What if you need a ton of food for 100+ people at the last minute?

Feeding such a large group is a challenge that Nameless Catering will accept with gusto.

When planning a get-together, especially for a larger crowd, organization, and planning to help make it a success. To make the right decisions and order enough food, a host needs to know the nature of the event, how many people will attend, and how long they are expected to stay.

Think about having foods that are easy to serve and eat so everyone can be fed in a timely fashion. Try to offer two to three entree options with customizable sides and toppings whenever possible. Be sure to pick foods that will hold up well during your entire event.

But sometimes you can plan for “perfect” and things go awry.

Nameless Catering can save your event from a food pinch, especially for large groups. In an ideal world, we love to plan ahead too! But Nameless also understands when people need a catered set-up on short notice.

Nameless Catering takes the pressure out of big events by easily catering to groups of 100 or more. We stay prepared to ensure even our last-minute clients have a food set up that will wow their guests.  

When it comes to feeding a big group, you don’t have to do it all yourself!

Nameless Catering can feed everyone while you sit back and relax. All menu items include details necessary to make the meal enjoyable and stress-free including salads, sides, beverages, desserts, plates, silverware, napkins, and cups. We can even deliver and set-up so you do not have to!

Let Nameless Catering make the food for your next big event easy, affordable, and delicious.