One of the most exciting experiences for a student is when they graduate.

Whether it is high school or college, hosting a graduation party or open house to celebrate the graduate is an important moment to celebrate their success and arrival into adulthood.

Planning celebratory gatherings tend to be stressful: worrying about where to have the event, who all to invite, what kind of party, how much to spend, and of course – the food. What can a host serve to make sure everyone eats?

Instead of fretting about food, Nameless Catering is the one stop shop for graduation cuisine.

Here are a few tips to make planning this special celebration a breeze: 

Let the caterer take care of the food

Graduation parties are supposed to be fun! Eliminate the planning pre-party full of lists, grocery shopping, food preparation, clean-up, and serving by hiring Nameless to cater. Nameless Catering’s staff walks hosts through the easy ordering process and can even deliver the food. Save countless hours by hiring Nameless Catering!

Serve food everyone can enjoy

Nameless Catering has a menu full of catered options! Pick from any of Nameless Caterings full meal packages including but not limited to: Signature Pasta Bar, Smoky BBQ, Savory Mexican, Baked Potato Bar, Fresh Wraps, Burger Bar, Light & Fresh, and Soup & Salad Bar. Each full meal package includes an assortment of scrumptious desserts; fresh salads; a variety of side selections; Coke products; and the appropriate serving dishes.

Enjoy the party!

This celebration is a bittersweet moment for a graduate and a host should optimize their time celebrating instead of stressing about food. Nameless believes in making everything easy for a host so they can celebrate this milestone feel like a guest at the graduation party. Enjoy the grad and enjoy the party with Nameless Catering!