Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2019 Innovations Issue featured our founder’s story, showcasing the importance of learning from failure.

Alongside other inspiring entrepreneurs in the Indiana business scene, Brown discussed the importance of never giving up. But most importantly, he told IBJ that facing difficult hurdles, in the beginning, can actually put you in the path of success. 

To Brown, failure happened for a reason, teaching him a valuable lesson. 

He told IBC readers that holding on to a bad idea isn’t a good business strategy. But that moving on and looking for something that can actually respond to what the customers are looking for. 

That’s what he did, and that’s why Nameless Catering became a staple in the community. And why so many of our customers have nothing but great things to say about our work. As a matter of fact, we have successfully catered thousands of weddings, business events, parties, farmers’ markets, and others, making sure our customers’ needs are always met.

We provide a complete catering experience, leaving nothing out. Because working hard and seeing people happy is what we’re all about. 

Seeing our work being celebrated by IBJ is yet another reason why we keep on doing what we’re doing. With Nameless Catering, you get quality service and gourmet food with a smile, because there’s no greater calling than feeding people. So it’s no wonder that Brown’s story is being shared far and wide. After all, his struggle paid off and continues to pay off, every time we deliver on our promise.

Are you thinking about organizing an event in the region any time soon? Count on us.

We pack everything you will need, from drinks, cutlery, and chafing racks to the desserts, and our team works fast. We have also recently expanded our fleet to better serve your needs, so give us a call — we can help.