In the world of wedding vendors, there is always a little bit of security in knowing that no matter how bad or good the economy is or the state of affairs world wide, people will still get married. Let’s face it, there’s something magical about two souls pledging to spend their lives together. Most would count memories of that day among their most cherished, and it’s cause for celebration! However, these special days can sometimes take a turn for the worse.  I am sure you have heard horror stories that have made things not so ideal at weddings; click here to see some of the most infamous.  While children, weather, and emotions can sometimes throw a wedding off track, they are also hard to avoid.  Others are easier to avoid if you know what to look for. Vendor mishaps and general issues can often times be prevented if you watch out for these 6 red flags.

Does the vendor have a website?

In 2017, if you are a real business providing a real service, you should have a real website.  Some vendors only have a Facebook page, and while this does show some legitimacy, it is still not ideal.  Having a Facebook page is the bare minimum to show you are a business…do you want a vendor who only does that bare minimum?  A well-designed and informative website shows that the vendor takes their own business as seriously as you take your wedding day.


Does your vendor have a process?

While every vendor may have their own way of doing things, does it seem professional?  Are you getting a contract emailed or sent to you online, or is the vendor scribbling notes on a bar napkin for you?  A lack of process and professional documentation can be a sign of disorganization.  Are you ok with using a disorganized vendor at your wedding?


Is your vendor asking for to much up front?

A normal vendor will ask for (give or take) 25% up front to secure your date.  Often times, these deposits are non-refundable.  This is due to that vendor potentially turning down other clients for your date. If for some reason there is a cancellation, they don’t want to be left out in the cold.  However, if your vendor is asking for more than 50% up front, that is a warning sign that they may have cash flow issues in their company.  Cash flow issues can equal poor business performance, which may indicate that they are on their way to an out of business situation.


Have you checked for reviews?

This seems like an obvious one to most, but make sure your vendor has reviews.  No reviews may point to a lack of experience or legitimacy as a vendor. Bad reviews, of course, speak for themselves.  If your vendor is new and you really like them, ask if they can provide some names for you to call for a reference on the vendor.


How is the communication in the first 48 hours?

This is 2017 and communication is King.  When you inquire into a vendor’s services, how quickly do they get back to you?  The communication level you receive in the first 48 hours of working with or inquiring about a vendor is what you can expect throughout the relationship.  If you don’t like the first 48…it may not be a good sign.


Go with your gut.

This is always the best thing to do.  Even if none of these red flags pop up, it is always best to trust your instinct.  Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, don’t try to save a buck and put your memories at risk!


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