Here at Nameless Catering, our staff is regularly working around the clock to provide our clients with simply the best the catering world can offer, making fresh and delicious food that tastes just the way you’d imagine: like a little slice of heaven.

But what happens when our kitchens are totally booked out? And what happens to your event if our most dedicated staff can’t simply prepare the food in-house? The answer is simple: we bring the kitchen to you!

With the growing love America has shown for food trucks over the past years, it’s only natural that a busy catering company like ours would invest a great deal into coming up with our traveling kitchen. And those who benefit are our customers themselves, who get to have the freshest food delivered (and cooked) right at their event’s doorsteps.

Whether you pick our Smoky BBQ, our Chili Bar, our Savory Mexican, or our Build Your Own Burger Bar, our staff can use our traveling kitchen to make your event even more mouth-watering than you ever dreamed of. And yes, we guarantee that our food will be just as good whether it’s made in-house or whether it’s prepared at the spot.

As we’ve highlighted in this blog post, our menus offer a diverse crowd the diverse options it requires. And no matter how large or small your event is, Nameless Catering will always have an option that meets your needs.

If you are looking for a catering company in Indiana that has absolutely no problem with producing only the best, let us help. Our experts are ready to take your questions and guide you through the process of finding the best menu option for your event.

For something beyond extraordinary, visit our menu list by clicking here and let us know how we can help.