If you ever looked at the countless reviews of our company online, either on Yelp, Facebook, or Google, you know that our customers like us. But what you may have also noticed is that most of our clients enjoy our service because we deliver professional experience. Another thing most customers seem to agree on is that Nameless Catering is easy, affordable, our staff is always friendly, and we do what we can to be a true crowd-pleaser.

While that may sound somewhat pedestrian to most, it is the very reason why we do business the way we do.

Our goal is to make people happy, and catering events meant to be special means that we have to go the extra mile to ensure all goes well.

Whether we’re helping customers with a wedding, a corporate event, a party, or a get-together, we know that if the food isn’t good, people won’t have a good time. But we also know that not being responsive, failing to understand the customer, and not being able to be flexible when flexibility is a must will all ruin a catering business. The fact Nameless Catering is still here after all these years means we’re doing something right.

Indiana customers, as well as customers from all across the Hoosier State, are picky. They know something good when they see it (and taste it). Being one of the state’s top caterers means that customers choose us over others and that when you choose Nameless, its staff puts your needs, and the needs of your guests, before anything else. So remember this when booking a caterer for your next event.

We give you and your party several menu options that are both customizable and accommodating. We take care of the drinks for you, whether you plan on having an open bar or offering your guests coffee and related drinks, and we take care of the dessert too!

Whatever you need, we got it, even on short notice.