At Nameless Catering, we made a name for ourselves for truly “getting” what all of our clients need. That’s why the Indianapolis Business Journal reported that we’re the literal darling of the tech world.

As explained by one of our loyal clients, Matt Hunckler, the founder of tech-focused network-and-pitch event firm Verge, the “startup community has embraced Nameless because they get it.”

But it isn’t thanks to this article that we know we are appreciated, although who doesn’t like good press every now and then?

We don’t ever have to wonder whether our clients are happy because they are loud about it, both online and in-person! Still, we understand the importance of articles such as the one on IBJ, even if it’s to show other companies that good communication skills are key.

As highlighted in the article, our own Jeremy Brown understands that communicating with people in the tech business is a job for the tech-savvy and for those who live, breathe, and love their work. Thankfully to all of our clients, we fall squarely into that category.

Whether you’re organizing an event for ten people or for one hundred, our highly dedicated team understands that communication comes in all shapes and sizes. We are ready to respond to your request, and to actually be there for you when needed, even within a short period of time.

The fact that we have dedicated ourselves to the task of making people happy by providing weddings, corporate events and small gatherings with the best food and drinks in the industry made us experts in the field. And because of our love for what we do, you know that you will always get the best, even if you’re a short deadline.

It is for this and for many other tales of success that Nameless Catering made its mark in the Indiana event scene. And most importantly, why our company treats its clients like close friends.

If you want to see firsthand why companies like Verge have chosen Nameless Catering as they go-to providers, give us a call or a text and we will help you with whatever you need for your next event!

“If you [direct message Brown] on Twitter, he’s going to DM back on Twitter. If I’m texting Jeremy, I’m going to get a response in, if not a couple of hours, then a couple of minutes. … You just might not experience that with companies who don’t get the tech world.”

Several clients said they consider Nameless a disruptor in the stodgy catering industry, even though the company doesn’t have innovative food offerings or a radically new business model.

Rather, Nameless has won acclaim for taking a fresh approach to catering—an approach marked by embracing technology, risking failure for new ideas, and dealing with customers in a down-to-earth fashion. It’s not uncommon for Brown, for instance, to take same-morning text requests and, on occasion, reply with humorous memes to confirm orders.