Nameless Catering is supporting tech growth around Indianapolis by feeding participants at Pitch Night: MarTech Madness.

This event is held at the Vogue in Indianapolis featuring three of the most exciting tech companies in the Midwest. Pitch Night is presented Shark Tank Style – without the ego and showbiz – giving each selected startup the opportunity to pitch their startup on stage.

Each founder and executive has five minutes of Q&A with a panel of savvy investors. These panelists are members of Powderkeg, a growing community of more than 10,000 tech entrepreneurs and others who are building innovative companies, according to Forbes.

The “sharks” help bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to help create interesting discussions and thought-provoking questions to help others brainstorm. Attendees learn how investors think and how founders respond on the fly.

While MarTech, Powderkeg, and the tech industry are driving the biggest Pitch Night of the year, Nameless Catering is fueling attendees through their delicious cuisine and presence as a tech-savvy startup. Nameless Catering’s tasty eats and delicious treats are an added bonus to the Vogues’s fully stocked bar and entrepreneurial discussions.

Few industries have sparked as much growth in Indianapolis’ tech community as marketing technology. For example, ExactTarget’s culture attracted MarTech talent from around the country and set the stage for a $2.5 billion exit to Salesforce in 2013.

That momentum has continued with exits like; Angie’s List merging with Home Advisor; Fizziology’s acquisition by MarketCast; and Delivra merging with Emma and Campaign Monitor.