America loves small businesses.

According to Gallup, 70 percent of Americans have confidence in small businesses compared with just 21 percent of Americans who have confidence in big businesses.

Entrepreneurs represent diligence of an individual, family, or generations of relatives. They reflect freedom and independence and tend to work closely with their community.

Nameless Catering believes small businesses and entrepreneurs are keys to success in any town. The company, which started as a small pizza delivery business, began their early days getting involved in their local community.

“We started partnering like crazy with local groups and organizations by providing food,” Jeremy Brown, CEO of Nameless Catering recalls. Brown says Nameless also scooped up sponsorship opportunities.

“It’s one thing to say this is the best pizza ever, it’s another thing for people to try it and say this is the best pizza ever and then tell their friends.”

As a direct result of this marketing strategy and being involved in their community, the small business Nameless Pizza, evolved into Nameless Catering, one of the biggest (and most respected) catering companies in Indiana.

But the small startup has not gotten too big for small business. Clients still communicate directly with the owners and the company is a proud supporter of local entrepreneurs.

As a sponsor of Launch Indy, Nameless Catering helps other small businesses launch their success. This brand new, coworking space in the heart of downtown Indianapolis is designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives to collaborate and build success for a stronger city.

Everyone loves a success story built on hard work and perseverance. Nameless Catering’s humble beginnings started as a sign-less small business in the back of yogurt shop. Even as the business grows, Nameless Catering continues to root for the American entrepreneurial dream and proudly supports small businesses!