Nameless Catering recently provided the Like a Lion program with a free dinner!

Like a Lion is an after-school program that provides at-risk youth structured time to work on homework with assistance from staff members and other helpers. Volunteers act as tutors and help with homework along with leading math and reading activities. The program also organizes field trips and hosts a summer camp.

This inspiring initiative was started by a few women with passionate hearts who saw a need in Indianapolis to bring stability and love to the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Many of the children who attend these programs are from neighborhoods that experience a high prevalence of violence, drugs, and crime.

The term “Like a Lion” comes from the idea of teaching at-risk youth that God is working in mighty ways, roaring like a lion despite their circumstances. While the majority of attendees come from unstable homes, this organization empowers children to see their full potential by providing a safe place to be loved while learning how to love others.

Nameless Catering was honored to feed Like a Lion. With a  Nameless provided a meal – Like A Lion will continually serve the community by helping children become future leaders.