Being a successful business in today’s current fast-paced world involves embracing technology.

During a recent visit to Fishers, celebrity chef Robert Irvine gave a presentation at the Indiana IoT Lab, a facility designed for innovation and collaboration with a focus on internet-connected devices and systems. The exclusive event was an evening of culinary creativity and kitchen modernizations – and Nameless Catering was there!

As an event partner and provider, Nameless Catering proudly participated to support innovative entrepreneurs and businesses that support technology solutions needed to meet the world’s growing tech needs.

In fact, Nameless Catering itself has seen an evolution from the beginning as a small part-time pizza business to now being one of the most trusted and successful catering companies in Indiana. Nameless has thrived thanks to understanding their customers and utilizing technology to grow business.

Similar to Nameless, Irvine also boasts embracing technology in the food industry.

In addition to his successful Food Network show, Irvine also served as Head Chef for the annual Academy Awards dinner and has worked in the White House kitchen preparing meals for several high-ranking government officials.

He thinks high-tech advances and the growing availability of home food delivery will never put restaurants out of business but will make restaurateurs invest in the non-traditional.

This partnership made sense. On the surface, Nameless Catering is a company that has a variety of tasty menu choices and exceptional customer service. But dig a little deeper, and you will find Nameless Catering has grown thanks to out of the box thinking and welcoming new ideas.

Nameless was glad to support an event that brought together culinary and business tech connoisseurs who integrate technology into their success.