Nameless Catering is not the only nameless place in America!

Nameless, Tennessee is a small unincorporated community which means it not governed by its own local municipal. Similar to Nameless Catering, this town in Tennessee has gained attention thanks to their quirky name.

The post office was established in the small community in 1866 and operated until 1909. At its peak, it had 250 residents. The post office at one time was also the site of some stores and the two-room schoolhouse.

The locals have a few folklores about how the community came to be. One version tells how residents applied for a post office, left the space on the application blank and the U.S. Post Office Department returned the application with “Nameless” stamped on the form.

A second story is in the 1982 book Blue Highways: A Journey Into America, where William Least Heat-Moon recalls residents decided the community should be “nameless” after one of them said, “This here’s a nameless place if I ever seen one, so leave it be.”

While locals cannot agree on which tale is true, Nameless Catering can be when Jeremy Brown could not think up a name. At first, it was Nameless Pizza and the company used “Hello. My name is ____” stickers on their pizza boxes, filling the blanks with what was in the box.

Nameless Catering understands how important small communities are and is proud to share a namesake.