Let’s face it, many business deals are not made at the office.

Often times they are made over lunch, at a bar, or on the golf course. Knowing the right people and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships are key components to a successful business. But how do you get in front of other professionals?

The answer is simple: attend networking events.

Nameless Catering recently teamed up with Visit Indy to help host a networking and social event at one of Indianapolis’ newest venues INDUSTRY. One of the main goals was to provide an atmosphere for attendees to build meaningful professional relationships with face-to-face interactions.

In this increasingly digital world, Nameless Catering understands the importance of focused customer service and has not lost the art of speaking with clients in person.

Good old fashioned networking has helped the company evolve into one of the biggest catering corporations in Indiana in just three short years.  

As a key event organizer, Visit Indy’s mission is to increase Indianapolis growth by strategically selling the destination to conventions, meetings, events, and leisure travelers.

According to Visit Indy, Indianapolis supports 77,800 full-time employment positions – a large number of professionals who need to network. INDUSTRY hosted the networking event in their rusticly chic, open venue, perfect for any event large or small.

In today’s business world it is crucial to have the right people on your team. Check in with Nameless Catering for other future networking event opportunities!