In an ideal situation, a host is well acquainted with their guests. But sometimes it is impossible to know everyone’s food requirements especially in a professional setting or a large reception.

When planning an event, party, and/or gathering a host should keep possible food preferences in mind and offer options to make everyone feel comfortable. By planning meatless choices, a host does their duty to make sure guests are happy and shows genuine thoughtfulness and respect.

Nameless Catering’s menu boasts a wide variety of vegetarian-friendly items and most full meal packages include meatless selections.

Our fresh wrap selection includes an avocado veggie option packed with a garden variety of greatness. Homemade guacamole topped with a fresh spring mix, crisp cucumbers, diced tomatoes, onions, and mini sweet peppers all topped with flavorful feta cheese. Hosting a burger bar – Nameless Catering’s black bean burger served with cut wedge fries is a filling hamburger alternative.

Our chili bar offers a vegetarian chili made with fresh ingredients from scratch included with a variety of toppings to dress up the perfect bowl. Nameless Catering’s vegetable soup is another perfect comfort food and a cozy vegan option. Fresh salads are also included in full meal packages – strawberry pecan, sweet pepper, BBQ corn salsa – as perfect meatless additions to any plate.

Providing pasta? Nameless Catering has a wide variety of vegetarian-friendly choices. Their signature Buffalo Tortellini dish starts with cheese filled tortellini and is finished with a custom made from scratch buffalo alfredo sauce. The spinach and tomato tortellini is a fantastic and flavorful option. And the mouthwatering veggie marinara dish is kid-friendly, gluten free, and always a crowd pleaser.

Visit Nameless Catering’s full menu to see our entire variety of vegetarian options!