Planning a wedding can be stressful.

From finding a location for the ceremony to choosing a venue for the reception and picking a meal and other decisions like narrowing the guest list – there are a million details to finalize.

Staying organized and planning ahead can take the stress out of wedding logistics. The Knot recommends picking ceremony and reception venues at least 12 months before the big day.

Wedding and event venues like Three Fat Labs Wedding and Event Barn near Indianapolis are filling dates for 2019 fast! As a preferred vendor at the Three Fat Labs Wedding and Event Barn Expo this year, Nameless is proud to mix their delicious options with this picturesque property.

Delight wedding guests with Nameless Catering’s gourmet in one of six well-appointed boutique-style rooms or a newly added spectacular barn-style entertainment space. Three Fat Labs Wedding and Event Barn and Nameless Catering together offer unique options for a blissful day. The venue sits on 30-acres of wonderfully wooded land with modern and pristine accommodations only Indiana can provide.

Nameless Catering also partnered with Perfect Wedding Guide 2018 Expo to help engaged couples create the ultimate wedding planning experience. Feed beloved guests some of our delicious appetizers and make their meal memorable with our sophisticated and simple options. Nameless Catering can even set up a bar – a one-stop shop with exceptional customer service and reliability.

A wedding is the start of a lifetime for a couple. While Nameless Catering can take care of a large crowd on short notice, there is always less stress with more planning. Book Nameless Catering for your wedding and let us take care of details while you enjoy the magic of your big day.