Tech training and quality catering collide to host a successful professional development event.

SQL Saturday Indianapolis hosted their annual free training event at Ivy Tech Noblesville for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those who wanted to learn more about SQL Server, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. A variety of sessions were available for every skill level – even entry-level courses for those interested in getting started as a data professional.

While speakers brought their knowledge, Nameless Catering brought their expertise. More than 300 guests enjoyed a perfect professional pasta lunch.

SQL Saturday attendees took a break from their training to enjoy Nameless Catering’s unforgettable pasta bar. Choices were straight off Nameless Catering’s menu which offers classic and unique options to satisfy any large group.  

The chicken parmesan choice includes breaded white chicken breasts with marinara and cheese baked on top. Gluten-free, veggie marinara is a simple, classic dish great for kids and those looking for a meatless option. Nameless Catering’s meatball marinara includes juicy, flavorful meatballs with freshly seasoned marinara and noodles.

Moving from marinara, Nameless Catering also offers a traditional chicken alfredo dish on their pasta bar. Spinach and Tomato Tortellini is another fun, fantastic vegetarian option. Impress any large group by offering Nameless Catering’s signature buffalo tortellini with cheese filled tortellini and a custom made from scratch buffalo/alfredo sauce – also meatless.

Nameless Catering’s pasta meals automatically come with cheesy homemade garlic bread baked fresh daily. A pasta dish is not complete without one (or both) of Nameless Catering’s salads. A strawberry pecan salad and/or sweet pepper salad help tie the entire meal together for a group. Fresh, seasonal desserts leave all guests ready for what is next.

SQL Saturday wanted the job done right and they knew who to call – Nameless Catering. While data professionals improve their skills, Nameless Catering, fuels their energy to feed their minds.