Nameless Catering has partnered with RISE Learning Center behavior education department to provide a free catered lunch.

RISE Learning Center is designed for students with high support needs and follows a M.O.V.E. Model Site. The center is a special education cooperative that includes Perry Township, Decatur Township, Franklin Township, and Beech Grove Township. The curriculum focuses on student and family-centered education. M.O.V.E. helps students increase functional mobility skills, gain more independence, and enhance their personal dignity.

By focusing on giving students new opportunities by sitting, standing, and walking, it helps them become more responsible for their own needs and promotes more involvement in school, family, and community life.

Nameless Catering is passionate about education and giving back to organizations who work to endlessly to improve the lives of others. Nameless is honored and proud to have provided lunch to RISE Learning Center.

*Free Catering Alert!*

Do you know of an organization who would love a free catered lunch this week for 2o people? What about your office, your non-profit, your club, or your youth group? Let us know and Nameless will choose three random winners! We love giving back to the Indianapolis area!


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