Nothing beats simmering soups during cold winter months or on a wet chilly day.

Nameless Catering has the perfect paired option – a soup and salad catered meal.

Ideal for formal and informal events, Nameless Catering’s satisfying selections are a friendly, filling choice for your guests. Give your group a taste of home with Nameless Catering’s classic chicken noodle soup – a guaranteed crowd favorite. Nameless also offers a tasty vegan vegetable option that is sure to keep everyone full.

No savory soup is complete without a scrumptious salad. Nameless brings fresh ingredients so your guests can create custom cuisines.

Build salads with crisp romaine lettuce or a delightful spring mix topped off with crunchy croutons, gorgeous grape tomatoes, cool cucumbers, or appetizing onions.

Nameless perfects this combo by bringing impeccable extras. Every paird bar automatically comes with diced grilled chicken (on the side) and mouthwatering garlic bread. Complete any dish with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, or crumbly crackers.

Nameless Catering provides all the supplies you need to be a guest at your own event – appropriate disposable plates/bowls, cutlery, cups, ice, serving utensils, chafing racks, and Coke products. We even bring an assortment of fresh from the bakery desserts that includes cookies, brownies and a seasonal favorite.

Keep your next gathering simple by servings, soups, salads, and sweets from Nameless.

Whether you need delicious bliss brought to your wedding day, filling food at a family gathering, or a palatable professional setup, Nameless Catering has you covered.