Restauranteur Jeremy Brown had $500 and a dream. So in January 2014, he and his wife launched Nameless Catering and rented a small kitchen in Fountain Square to start their delivery-only catering business.

Six years later, here we are.

Having served over 1 million people and delivered more than 50,000 orders, Nameless Catering is a success story built on the hard work of a small group of very dedicated people. But most importantly, our business is a testament to the importance of never giving up. 

As the business grew, turning into one of the most reliable catering businesses in Indiana, so did our sense of giving back. That’s why Nameless Catering has already donated over $1 million to nonprofits over these six years — and we intend on donating much more as we move forward.  

In order to celebrate our sixth anniversary and remind ourselves of our humble beginnings, we took a trip down memory lane and visited the place where it all started. 

We hope that our story, along with our history of giving our all to our customers come rain or come shine, may serve as an inspiration to others who, like our founder, want to build something great. 

As Jeremy demonstrated, you don’t have to have too many resources or even a great deal of business know-how to start your business or launch a new career. What you need instead is a plan, and most importantly, willingness to go the extra mile so you can always do better next time.

And as we work to perfect ourselves, we perfect our community as well. As you might already know, there’s nothing that makes us prouder than seeing a smile on a customer’s face.

Here’s to another six years of commitment to helping Indiana and nearby residents get the best food and service for their events.