Everyone loves a good BBQ!

While the guest list is important, the food helps create a fun and memorable atmosphere. Nameless Catering can take your next get together to another level with our full Smoky BBQ meal bar that is sure to impress every guest.

We give you options to customize and perfect your vision. Choose from slowly cooked brisket, savory shredded pork, or hand shredded all natural white chicken. With a group of 30 or more, you can choose all three types of meat!

A BBQ buffet-style is the perfect crowd pleaser for meetings, corporate events, parties, receptions, and other gatherings large or small. Your guests can customize their meals with either mild or hot BBQ sauce and you can make sure they definitely get enough to eat.

Compliment this saucy entrée with amazing extras. Our setup automatically includes jalapeno cornbread, sesame seed buns, 2-liter coke products, and an assortment of seasonally fresh desserts.

You can also choose between corn salsa salad or sweet pepper salad – each comes with assorted salad dressings.

The meal is not complete without the mouthwatering sides. Select from Nameless Catering’s buffalo mac and cheese, baked beans, or buttery corn.

Or compliment the BBQ with special order dishes of potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, cukes, and onion, or fresh fruit. The more people you are feeding, the more options you can include!

Nameless Catering will impress your guests with our classic Smoky BBQ meal. We take the stress out of the planning so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.