When Nameless does a throw-back, we dig deep into the vaults and go way back to when we were just a pizza place.

That’s right. Did you know Nameless Catering started as Nameless Pizza?

We opened our initial doors (of what would eventually be Nameless Catering) in a 150 square foot pizza kitchen hidden in the back of a frozen yogurt shop in Indianapolis – for only $500.

Selling pizza was a side gig for Nameless CEO Jeremy Brown that started with only a few hours on the weekend. At the time, 10 pizzas at $15 each was a big day.

The name “Nameless” began as a joke where Brown admits he “couldn’t think of a name” for his increasingly popular business.

The small pizza set-up even used “Hello. My name is ____” stickers on boxes, filling the blanks in with the names of the food. They paid rent to the yogurt shop by sales percentage and sealed the deal with a handshake. With no sign in front, the business relied on advertising by word of mouth in downtown Indianapolis.

Very quickly, Nameless Pizza was open more hours, more days, and gained more customers.

After listening to their clients’ requests and needs, Nameless ended up dropping the pizza and evolved into a force within the catering industry.

In just three short years, Brown’s small side hustle evolved into one of the biggest, and most respected catering companies Indiana!

“We didn’t start this thinking we would have a multi-unit full statewide delivery company,” Brown humbly acknowledges. “There are a thousand places to eat, but not a thousand places like Nameless Catering.”

Nameless Catering now has five different kitchen locations and delivers around the entire state. A humble throwback to help Nameless Catering remember their roots!