Offering your guests bar service is essential, whether you’re hosting a wedding, a grand opening, or a party. Here at Nameless, we’ve perfected the art of serving drinks, and as such, we have the best option for everyone.

When discussing your needs with our staff, let us know whether you’re planning on just offering alcohol or if you would like to give your guests other options. If alcohol is all you need, all you have to do is to ensure your bar tab is $400 minimum. 

If you are looking for an open bar experience, you may choose to settle the payment at the end of the event or we can let guests pay as they order. You may also customize the service so we can better meet your needs. In any case, our bar is always staffed with the most professional and friendly staff. 

With Nameless, The Watering Hole Never Runs Dry

If you ever catered an event in which the staff eventually ran out of drinks, you know how upsetting that can be. 

Guests are having a good time, and they want to keep the party going but when they run out of options at the bar, things can begin to deteriorate pretty quickly. 

Here at Nameless, we know that all guests are guests of honor, and it’s because of that that we plan ahead. 

From the get-go, we will work closely with the organizer to make sure we have plenty of drinks for every guest. After all, we take our drinks just as seriously as our food, and we are good on our promise to satisfy every single customer.

If you are planning an event and are wondering whether you should host an open bar or not, let us help you figure out the best option. Countless other clients have, and they left the reviews to prove it!