Planning an event and need some food for the crowd to chew on? How about lighter options for a gathering instead of a full meal?

Arrange for appetizers!

Nameless Catering’s new appetizer menu is quickly gaining popularity with numerous options and delicious combinations. Pick the first course from a variety of choices or have an assortment of appetizers as the meal.

The “hot” appetizer menu is full of fan favorites. Keep it simple and delicious with chicken tenders and dip or fresh meatballs in BBQ or marinara. Choose a cheesy homemade classic spinach dip with chips or handmade spinach cheese puffs.

Delight your group with bites of stuffed mushrooms filled with spinach and cheese or sausage. Impress any guest with Nameless Catering’s signature buffalo tortellini or crowd-pleasing toasted ravioli served with warm marinara.

Mix-up the menu with BBQ crostinis or fresh empanadas with either chorizo or roasted vegetables. Or offer the group something unique with locally made pork mathoos egg rolls or bacon wrapped Brussels sprouts.

Nameless Catering’s “cold” appetizer options add a special treat to any event. Order a vegetable tray (sliced every morning) served with dips or a fabulous fruit tray with yogurt.

Nameless’ brilliant bruschetta is handcrafted from scratch using only the freshest ingredients and served with toasted crostinis. Save room for shrimp cocktail served with extra spicy sauce or a classy Caprese platter topped with balsamic glaze. Maybe the event needs some extra zip with chicken and black bean corn salsa crostinis or classic chips with guacamole and salsa.

Nameless Catering can make your next party’s appetizers fun, tasty, and memorable. Custom prices and menu choices are available to meet many budgets.

All full meal packages come with the appropriate plates, forks, napkins, serving utensils, and chafing racks. Minimum $200 order.